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Happiness is an enjoyable state of pleasurable satisfaction. It’s about being high on life. It’s about being content in your own skin. Being happy is being full of joy and delight. Happiness is the ultimate way to live.

Happiness is very good for us. It greatly reduces anxiety, depression and destructive thought patterns. It benefits our physical health and brain function. Happiness increases our emotional resilience and builds our relationships with other happy people. It can increase our productivity at work. Being happy makes life enjoyable and worth living.

Being happy sounds so simple but the sad reality is that it is very hard for many of us to achieve. Many of us look for happiness in our lives, or for the people around us to “make” us happy. Others look for happiness in wealth or power, when it is proven that such things usually have the opposite effect. Happiness comes from within, not without. Nothing and no one can really make us happy. We need to find it inside ourselves.

The formula for happiness is very well known and has been philosophised for thousands of years. Our happiness treatment is about taking those principles and ingraining them into your attitude so you are more naturally focused on building your happiness.

This treatment is a combination of intuitive energy healing methods and verbal interaction that breaks destructive thought patterns and builds a focus on happiness.

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