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We aim to deliver substantial improvements in your emotional well-being, using our independent, natural and alternative mind relaxation methods. Available anywhere worldwide with reliable internet access. Our treatment can be successful even with clients who have life long problems and have been unable to get results from other treatment. We have a trial and assessment process to determine if our treatment is likely to help you. As a result of improved well-being and relaxation of the mind, we have observed strong improvement with the following concerns:

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Clinical basis for our claims

This is an alternative treatment, which specifically means that it operates outside the established medical framework. No formal scientific studies have been made on this treatment.

Our claims are all based on results reported by our clients, are gathered in-house and are anecdotal. Primarily we use comprehensive statistical data gathered from our clients undergoing treatment, which is based on a subjective assessment system to measure improvement in emotional well-being. We use information from our clinical notes. We sometimes use feedback from our clients in the form or public reviews and private statements. Our treatment method is alternative and unique, not based on anything relating to conventional medical practice, and it was not developed in a laboratory.

To put it simply – we work off the fact that our clients tell us how improved they feel.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Our treatment can greatly improve feelings of anxiety in the moderate to severe range by deeply relaxing the mind. It has also been effective in relieving anxiety related issues including panic attacks, fear, physical feelings of knotting or tension and anxiety related stomach problems.

More on Anxiety

Depression and Emotional Suffering

Our treatment can be effective at relieving feelings of depression in the moderate to severe range by significantly improving emotional well-being. It has shown to help stabalise moods and help with moderate to severe emotional pain and the trauma of past issues.

Average improvement in feelings of depression as rated by successful clients with serious anxiety on a subjective assessment tool, 2014/2015 financial year, where rating 1 is severe, rating 5 is moderate and rating 10 is none.
Average improvement in depression as rated by successful clients with serious depression on a subjective assessment tool, 2014/2015 financial year, where rating 1 is severe, rating 5 is moderate and rating 10 is none.

Destructive Thought Patterns

Destructive thought patterns can be significantly reduced, including excessive worrying, self doubt & insecurity, subservience (being too concerned about others), negativity, bitterness and insomnia. Non-confrontational attitude adjustment techniques are generally included in the treatment process to deal with these.

Average improvement in destructive thought patterns as rated by successful clients with serious destructive thought patterns on a subjective assessment tool, 2014/2015 financial year, where rating 1 is severe, rating 5 is moderate and rating 10 is none.
Average improvement in destructive thought patterns as rated by successful clients with serious anxiety on a subjective assessment tool, 2014/2015 financial year, where rating 1 is severe, rating 5 is moderate and rating 10 is none.

Suicidal Thoughts

Results with relieving depression and insecurity related thoughts of self-harming and suicide have been very strong.

Statistics: As of 31st July 2016 we had 9 clients on record who initially reported strong to severe thoughts of self harm and elected to proceed with a treatment plan. Of those 9, after attending a treatment plan 7 were reporting their thoughts of self harm to be consistently mild or less. The other 2 reported improvement but both crashed after 3 sessions. Therefore the treatment was effective for 7 out of 9 clients (78% effective).

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It is very important to note however that Mind Relaxation Australia is not suitable for use as a self-harm / suicide prevention service and should only be used as a complimentary therapy alongside professional medical advice and treatment.

Please organise an emergency action plan to reduce the risk of self-harm / suicide:
• Urgently consult with your GP on these issues if you have not already done so
• Contact supportive people who care about your well-being

In the event that you feel you are likely to self-harm or commit suicide:
• Call ACIS on 13 14 65 (24 hour help line)
• Call lifeline crisis hotline on 13 11 14
• Visit the emergency department of a hospital
• Visit
• Call 000

Most people regret their action later, don’t wait to take action!

Other uses and benefits

Emotional relaxation

Our unwind treatment is a deeply relaxing energy and brainwave entrainment treatment that acts like a deep tissue massage for your mind. All you need to do is lie back comfortably at home and enjoy while all your mental stress and emotional tension unwinds.

Unwind treatment

Self confidence

Building attitudes of self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-empowerment in clients has consistently delivered strong improvements in emotional well-being. Our empower treatment generally takes several appointments to complete and aims to transform your attitude towards yourself.

Empower treatment


The formula for happiness is very well known and has been philosophised for thousands of years. Our happiness treatment is about taking those principles and ingraining them into your attitude so you are more naturally focused on building your happiness.

Happiness treatment

Emotional toughness

Our toughen treatments aims to build a more resilient and flexible mental attitude, allowing you to better overcome the many hardships and challenges of life.

Toughen treatment

Treatment for children

Emotionally mature children: Some children are very similar to adults in their emotional maturity levels and self-awareness. The treatment appears to be nearly as effective on emotionally mature children as it is on adults.

Emotionally immature children: Our treatment process was developed to treat adults who are self-aware. Although immature children are not our focus, we have used our basic non-verbal “unwind” treatments to help children and these are sometimes effective as reported by parents. We place a strong reliance on the parent/guardian to provide feedback on the effects of treatment, through observations on the child’s behavior.

Be aware that our practitioner(s) are talented alternative energy practitioners, not qualified child psychologists nor medical practitioners. Parents are expected to intervene if they consider any aspect of treatment unsuitable for their child.

Increased self-confidence in the family environment: Our treatment can potentially enhance our client’s self-acceptance, courage, wisdom, emotional self-reliance, mental flexibility and reduce their susceptibility to being mistreated, bullied or manipulated. These are good improvements in themselves which effectively undermine many emotional concerns; however we have observed that increasing confidence changes client’s behavior and can trigger negative reactions in others who are hostile to changes of these kinds. If you have any concerns of this nature then please consult a child psychologist prior to seeking treatment with us.

Be aware that Section 11(1) of the Children’s Protection Act 1993 (as amended in 2006) requires that suspicion of abuse or neglect of a child must be reported and our practitioners are subject to that mandatory reporting law.

Abuse and Mistreatment


Abuse, bullying and mistreatment are major causes of anxiety and depression. The emotional scarring caused by abuse and mistreatment can often be reduced. We also help with greatly increasing self-confidence and assertiveness to improve your ability to stand up to abusers and build a better future. If you are subjected to ongoing abuse then we can help reduce the emotional impact.

Detox treatment

Distress of hostile family breakups

parents fighting

Hostile family breakups can have an enormous negative emotional impact. This is often combined with other factors such as the hardship of single parenting, the cruelty of parental alienation, stress of family court, and being financially crippled by child support hell. Hostile breakups are common and can easily lead to serious emotional damage and even suicide. Our treatment can help ease the emotional pain and destructive thought patterns cause by hostile family breakups.

Unsuitable concerns

Serious medical problems, disabilities and mental incapacity

This treatment is intended to improve emotional concerns. It does not cure serious medical problems, disabilities, illness or physical problems.

This treatment is aimed at people who are capable of exercising judgement and reason. It is unsuitable for people who are not capable of exercising reason and understanding the process of the treatment.


We often get clients requesting help with phobias, such as fear of flying, agoraphobia, and other such fears. Our results with these are usually poor.

Attention seeking and validation

Our service is entirely results oriented. We aim to deliver noticeable and measurable improvement in emotional well-being. Our system is not suitable for people seeking to validate their problems or validating their sense of being victims. We do not provide counselling so our service is also unsuitable for people seeking to talk about their daily problems or who want attention. It is only suitable for people seeking improvement.


Treatment method and basis

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Alex’s mind relaxation treatment is intended to directly relax the mind using intuitive energy healing methods, to release emotional blockages that prevent emotional relaxation and deliver significant subjective improvement with suffering and emotional concerns that can be helped through deep relaxation of the mind.

The (“chi” style) intuitive energy healing methods applied by naturally talented practitioner(s) are the basis of this treatment. This is an alternative approach and is not clinically proven, so we demonstrate the effectiveness of this method to clients by allowing them to try and then see how they feel immediately afterwards.

Treatment details

Suitability and qualifications of Mind Relaxation Practitioners

This service is an alternative health service and practitioner(s) are talented intuitive energy therapists who are tested and certified informally by Mind Relaxation Australia. This service is not a medical practice and our practitioner(s) are not qualified medical professionals. As such this service is suitable for use as a non-medical complementary therapy to help improve emotional well-being. It is not suitable for emergency intervention, medical diagnosis, medical advice or medical treatment. For medical intervention the advice of a competent health care professional should be sought.

To put it simply – we help you feel good but we are not doctors.

Treatment no matter where you are


Mind Relaxation Australia’s phone treatment system allows you to receive full service treatment regardless of your location. You can be treated from the safety and comfort of your own home. Some clients receive treatment at work while on a break, and even in their cars…

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