What happens if I try this and it doesn’t help?

Your session is free. In the unlikely event that you don’t experience immediate significant improvement, our policy is that you don’t pay and any deposit is refunded.

Trial and assessment details

Where is your clinic located?

Online and over the phone. Mind Relaxation Australia’s phone treatment system allows you to receive full service treatment regardless of your location. All you need is phone reception. We used to have a clinic in South Australia which has closed due to the effectiveness of phone treatment. (details)

What is the advantage of this over other treatments?

Effective. This approach can be highly effective for many clients. It can potentially undermine the concerns instead of covering them up and rarely involves delving into the concerns themselves. We ultimately attempt to deliver a long term result that does not require ongoing life-long treatment. Our clients often report better than expected results and many additional benefits beyond what they came for.

Natural. We only make use of natural and beneficial methods which are safe. There is no use of addictive harmful medication, and no remedies are used.

Easy. Clients often describe this as the easiest treatment they have tried that delivers strong results. Most of the treatment simply involves taking a 1 hour phone call and relaxing. Additional exercises outside of treatment time are rarely recommended.

Different. This method is deliberately different to other treatments, so it can potentially deliver results where other approaches have not.

If this works how many treatments will I need and how much will it cost?

Simple answer: It varies greatly between clients. Best case is one treatment fix and worst case is years of treatment. Most clients continue until they decide they don’t require more.

Number of treatments: The key factors in how long this will take are:

1. What outcome you are seeking, permanent improvement vs temporary relief;
2. How well you respond to our treatment;
3. How severe your concerns truly are;
4. How strong your emotional blocks are;
5. How much suppressed emotional stress you have;
6. How much psycho-therapeutic medication you are using;
7. Other treatments you are using and how effective they are;
8. How emotionally toxic you are; and
9. How much ongoing stress you are subjected to.

Our trial and assessment process can give us a reasonable idea of what approach will be needed. Most clients with moderate concerns opt for casual plans and have 1 to 5 appointments in their own time. Those with serious concerns usually opt for the deep treatment plan and have weekly treatments until they feel good and stay that way, then generally follow with an economic sustain plan until the effect becomes permanent.

External factors: If you are subjected to significant external stress then treatment will likely be ongoing until those issues are addressed. We can reduce their impact but can’t stop it completely. Causes we have seen that do this include:

  • Abusive and toxic relationships
  • Being denied access to children by hostile ex partner
  • Financial problems from very unfair assessments by the Child Support Agency
  • Stress from legal action
  • Toxicity in the work place
  • Unemployment
  • Strong physical pain
  • Mental impairment and disability
  • Physical problems can also cause treatment to become ongoing long term as a form of management without being able to deliver permanent improvement. These problems include:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Neurological damage and defects
  • Cost: Cost comes down to the practitioner you choose with junior practitioners being cheaper but less experienced than senior ones.

    Ineffective plans: Our assessment process attempts to identify suitable and unsuitable clients based on the trial treatment’s effect over 7 days. Client’s will then get an estimate on how confident the practitioner is for achieving a good result for them. The process is not 100% effective and plans do not always work even when initial signs are good. We regularly achieve good results but occasionally clients will complete plans and fail to reach the set goals.

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    Treatment & sessions

    Do I have to talk about my issues?

    No, talking about issues is optional. Most methods are effective without any need for revealing details of inner problems, making this ideal for those not comfortable discussing details about themselves or their past. You will be given the option of rating how you feel in various categories and that is used to measure your progress. Our verbal treatments aim to change your attitude but don’t require delving in details of issues.

    Can I use this with other therapy, like psychology or medication?

    Yes. This therapy is complimentary so it can be used in conjunction with other therapies or treatments including medication. We have a successful support plan to wean off psycho-therapeutic medications but this must be done in consultation with your medical practitioner. We strongly recommend you use any and every means that works for you to improve your well-being. We also recommend you inform your medical practitioner or other health practitioners that you are receiving our service. A document to show your medical practitioner or other health practitioner is available here.

    Are there any side effects or risks?

    Potential negative effects: This is primarily an energy healing service conducted over the phone so the risk factor is very low. The most common negative effect is our service not having any effect. Reported side effects are not common but can occur. They include headaches, strange thoughts and dreams, feelings of grogginess (often described as feeling drunk), and numb feelings. They usually last a maximum of two days and are usually associated with a very strong positive response overall. Aggravating panic attacks was a risk with attending physical appointments but has not been a problem with our current phone service. Very occasionally clients report feeling worse after receiving our service. Clients who elect to undergo “deep treatment” may experience various effects that are explained prior to undergoing that path.

    Is this meditation, reiki, mindfulness training, NLP, cognitive therapy or counselling?

    No. This therapy and it’s methods are independently developed, are unique and are not based on other therapies.

    What is intuitive energy and why can it work over a distance without even talking?


    This is an incredibly complex and difficult question to answer and the simple answer is that there is no clear answer. This concept is literally mysterious. All we can do is present some background and our theory on what it is and how it works.

    It is basically a spiritual force that is not visible or measurable but does seem to have a direct impact on human physical, emotional and spiritual health amongst other things. Certain gifted people seem to have the ability to use this force with surprisingly potent effect. Some people seem to be highly effected by it while others are completely oblivious to it. The concept is explained in many ways and has many different names. It is so difficult to understand that the only way to express it in any meaningful way is via convoluted spiritual concepts. It is called chi (Qi), prana, energy, life force, reiki, psychic power, universal force, healing power, quantum energy, the field, and many other names. Mainstream science does not yet formally acknowledge it’s existence, probably because there is no instrument that can measure it and because it doesn’t fit into current scientific thinking and theory. The concept clearly has spiritual roots and is tied in with many religions, spiritual and healing practices which date back to ancient times.

    In the case of our treatment, the practitioner uses their natural talents to directly relax the mind of the client, and attempts to undermine their emotional blocks that prevent relaxation of the mind. In every trial treatment and many regular treatments this is done without speaking to the client while treatment is in progress.

    The reason that this works over any distance and even sometimes without a phone connection is because energy does not seem to be effected by distance at all. It is purely subject to connection. If the practitioner can establish a connect with the client in an energetic sense, then they can apply our methods.

    If these concepts seem confusing and illogical to you then please be assured you are not alone. What we have presented is our theory on what chi energy is and why it works over a distance. We may be correct or there may be a completely different explanation. For instance, our clients might experience strong improvement due to the placebo effect or some other psychological mechanism. We encourage you to maintain an open mind but also a healthy skepticism. Realistically what really matters is whether or not it can make you feel good and significantly benefit your emotional well-being. The only way to really know if this works on you is to try it and find out.

    What is the scientific basis for this treatment?

    This is an alternative treatment, which specifically means that it operates outside the established medical framework. No formal scientific studies have been made on this treatment.

    Our claims are all based on results reported by our clients, are gathered in-house and are anecdotal. Primarily we use comprehensive statistical data gathered from our clients undergoing treatment, which is based on a subjective assessment system to measure improvement in emotional well-being. We use information from our clinical notes. We sometimes use feedback from our clients in the form or public reviews and private statements. Our treatment method is alternative and unique, not based on anything relating to conventional medical practice, and it was not developed in a laboratory.

    To put it simply – we work off the fact that our clients tell us how improved they feel.

    Is there a process for feedback, or dealing with concerns or complaints?

    Yes. If you are concerned about our system, process or conduct then please contact Alex on 0426 203 273 or fill out the feedback form below and outline your concerns. Every reasonable effort will be made to resolve your concern within our terms and conditions, code of conduct and the context of what our business offers. You can also raise your concern on our public social media platform or you can contact the HCSCC if you could not reach a reasonable resolution with us.

    We do not receive many complaints and the majority of those are from people who are not our clients. We understand our methods are hard to understand and we ask that you do not complain about the effectiveness of our methods unless you are a client who has experienced them yourself. Also please consider Mind Relaxation Australia is a private business and can’t offer free treatment and remain financially viable. Here is a post on what we consider unreasonable criticism.

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    What are the requirements for being a Mind Relaxation Practitioner?

    Our practitioners are not required to be counsellors or medical practitioners. They are naturally talented energy therapists who can consistently deliver improvement in the emotional well-being of the majority of their clients.

    Selection is based on a number of factors, including a passion for help others, natural talent in the use of chi energy, trustworthiness and life experience relating to the concerns we treat. All our practitioner have successfully overcome severe anxiety and depression using chi energy methods.

    Practitioners are trained in-house and given an unpaid apprenticeship. If they demonstrate a basic ability and knowledge then they are allowed to set up their own businesses and are supplied clients who are informed that the practitioner is not fully qualified. If the apprentice succeeds with the majority of their clients (especially difficult clients with serious concerns), get overwhelming positive feedback from their clients and they meet all other requirements then they progress to Junior Practitioner. Our apprentice practitioners have a high failure rate due to the high success rates and conduct requirements we demand. The end result is that a qualified Mind Relaxation Practitioner has a rock solid history of delivering results and can strongly empathise with your concerns from their own experience.

    Our treatment is exhausting and emotionally draining for the practitioners to apply. This limits the client load each practitioner can take on so bookings can be scarce at times.

    There is currently only one practitioner available, namely Alex Foreman. Previous practitioner include Antonia, Nadia and Jana.

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