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Treatment summary

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Alex’s mind relaxation treatment is the treatment system used by Mind Relaxation Australia. This treatment has been developed locally, independently and from scratch by Alex Foreman since 2010 with the sole aim of delivering strong, noticeable and measurable results using only natural and alternative non-medical methods.

The treatment system is intended to directly relax the mind using intuitive energy healing methods, to release emotional blockages that prevent emotional relaxation, and to deliver significant subjective improvement with suffering and emotional concerns that can be helped through deep relaxation of the mind. The system may also use brainwave entrainment and a multitude of verbal techniques to help release emotional blockages.

The (“chi” style) intuitive energy healing methods applied by naturally talented practitioner(s) are the basis of this treatment. This is an alternative approach and is not clinically proven, so we demonstrate the effectiveness of this method to clients by allowing them to try and then see how they feel immediately afterwards. See the Frequently Asked Questions for details on intuitive Chi energy methods.

Alex’s mind relaxation treatment uses a systematic and personally tailored approach to deliver treatment and results most relevant to your concerns and personal circumstances. It can be used as a complimentary therapy to support conventional medical treatments and alternative therapies.

With regards to feelings of anxiety, depression and other concerns: Our experience is that mind relaxation can be very effective at significantly improving those feelings. It bypasses all your psychological defense methods and releases the emotional tension that makes your concerns feel significant. Your concerns are simply undermined leaving you feeling great. The treatment system has delivered long term improvement with many clients. Also the ability to apply this treatment over the phone in your own space removes the added stress of going to a clinic environment, which is especially beneficial for anxiety and panic attack sufferers.

They key to our success lies in our people and our focus. We identify and use only naturally talented practitioners who have demonstrated success with clients consistently and then we give them the leeway to do what they do best. Intuitive energy healing methods tend to have subtle effects however in these people’s hands the effects are very strong. We focus completely on delivering results. Practitioners run their own businesses and our financial model only allows them to make a profit and progress if they deliver strong results to their clients. Our subjective assessment system combined with our experience gives your practitioner a very realistic picture of what process needs to be followed to achieve your goals and maintain them. We usually aim to have you consistently rating your feeling of emotional well-being between “reasonably good” to “fantastic”, and your specific concerns (such as feeling of anxiety and depression) between “mild” to “none”.

Average improvement in well-being as rated by clients on a subjective assessment tool, 2014/2015 financial year.
Average improvement in well-being as rated by clients on a subjective assessment tool, 2014/2015 financial year, where rating 1 is miserable, rating 5 is average and rating 10 is fantastic.

Following a successful trial and assessment we can offer a range of specialised treatment types to address your concerns.

Treatment process

The process varies greatly between clients however it generally breaks down to 4 phases of treatment.


Assessment phase: The first step is to try our treatment and see what it does. The trial treatment is done over the phone and takes 1 hour. At the end of the trial treatment you decide if you feel significantly improved or not. We expect you to pay for the treatment if you feel immediate significant improvement, and it is free of charge if you do not. We follow-up the trial 1 week later with a free follow-up consultation. There we assess how much improvement you have retained over 7 days and compare your response with other clients and their outcomes. We discuss what you wish to achieve and tailor a plan to your specific needs, finances and situation.

Treatment phase: Because everyone is different it is hard to project what path your process will follow without assessing you. Some clients just need a few casual sessions. Others need ongoing treatment for a significant time. The goal of the treatment phase is reduce all your emotional concerns to the point that they are having no significant negative impact on your emotional well-being.

Weaning phase: Once your issues are undermined and causing no further distress we then have a support plan to assist your medical practitioner to wean you off psycho-therapeutic medication while maintaining your well-being and preventing emotional crashes.

Sustain phase: The final goal is to support you in maintaining your feeling of emotional well-being for an extended period of time. We aim to do this for the absolute minimum time and cost, and preferably reaching the point where you require no further treatment or medication.

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