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Terms and conditions (updated for July 2018)

Mind Relaxation Australia is intended as an alternative and complimentary health service to help improve the emotional well-being of clients using unique non-medical treatment methods. All clients must understand and agree to the following:

Trial treatment: In the event that the client does not experience immediate significant improvement from the trial treatment then the treatment is free of charge. The client agrees to pay for the treatment if they do experience significant immediate improvement or chooses to proceed with the process regardless of the initial result.

Suitability and qualifications: This service is not a medical practice and practitioner(s) are talented intuitive energy therapists who are tested and certified informally by Mind Relaxation Australia. Our practitioner(s) are not qualified medical professionals. As such this service is suitable for use as a non-medical complementary therapy to help improve emotional well-being. It is not suitable for emergency intervention, medical diagnosis, medical advice or medical treatment. For medical intervention the advice of a competent health care professional should be sought. We strongly recommend the client speaks to a qualified and competent medical practitioner regarding any serious medical problems or conditions if they have not already done so, regardless of the treatment and improvement they receive from us. We also recommend the client advises their medical practitioner (if any) that they are receiving mind relaxation treatment from Mind Relaxation Australia. A document to show practitioner’s is available at http://www.mindrelaxation.com.au/medical/

Confidentiality: Mind Relaxation Australia keeps private clinical notes on every client. All personal information gathered or held by Mind Relaxation Australia will be held in strict confidence to the best of our ability for the sole use of Mind Relaxation Australia’s team members and only for the purposes of providing the client with effective treatment, improving our service and presenting anonymous statistical data and case studies. No personal information will be released to any third party except:
1. With the client’s express permission;
2. Where required by Australian Law; or
3. To submit a defence in the event that a client makes false or misleading allegations.

Appointment conditions: By booking any appointment the client agrees to honour that appointment in a timely manner and pay the no-show fee if for any reason they do not attend that appointment or cancel it with less than 48 hours notice. Trial deposits are refundable as per trial terms (if applicable). The client agrees to receive sonic, verbal, chi (Qi) energy, and psychic based therapeutic techniques as deemed suitable by the practitioner. If attending the client agrees to be touched on their head and body as required. Session content can occasionally be of a personal nature and the client may at any time request to stop any particular treatment. Any advice offered by the Mind Relaxation Practitioner is unqualified and purely for the client’s consideration. If in doubt please consult with your GP.

Credit card refunds: Any refunds made on a credit card payment can only be refunded via that same credit card number. We will not refund credit card payments by account transfers or other methods.

Success rates: The practitioner will estimate the likelihood of a treatment plan working for each client based on Mind Relaxation Australia’s assessment process and comparing to results from previous clients. Clients must understand that treatments are not 100% effective and there is a chance that treatment will not deliver the desired result, even when recommendations are followed. The estimate of success is a guess based on previous experience.

Conduct: Mind Relaxation Australia reserves the right to take precautions with clients, ban clients without refund, and take appropriate action against clients for any of the following:
1. Abuse or harassment;
2. Fraudulent attempts to gain free treatment or abuse Mind Relaxation Australia’s trial process;
3. Deliberately lying about the effects of the treatment; or
4. Making unwanted sexual advances while undergoing treatment or within 2 years after treatment has ceased.*
*General friendliness, social interaction and discussion about personal matters / feelings are not considered sexual advances

Regulation: As of July 2018 Practitioners are guided by the HCSCC code of conduct for Unregistered Health Practitioners. Any complaints in this regard should be directed first to the practitioner for resolution, then to Senior Practitioner Alex Foreman on 0426 203 273, then to the HCSCC. A form for feedback and complaints is available at http://www.mindrelaxation.com.au/about/faq/ under the heading “Is there a process for feedback, or dealing with concerns or complaints?”

Interactions of treatment with medication and other treatments: We have not observed any adverse reactions relating directly to medication and other treatments. We believe treatment is suitable for use as a complimentary therapy alongside other treatments. We have observed that in some cases other treatments can be highly beneficial in combination with our treatment. We recommend that clients use treatments that are effective for them. We have had many clients successfully wean off psycho-therapeutic medications whilst undergoing our treatment and this process must be done under the advice of a qualified and competent medical practitioner.

Informed choice: Mind Relaxation Australia respects the right of all clients to make an informed choice about their own health care. The only way to know the effectiveness of our particular treatment is to try it and find out.

Clinical basis for treatment: This is an alternative treatment, which specifically means that it operates outside the established medical framework. No formal scientific studies have been made on this treatment. Our claims are all based on results reported by our clients, are gathered in-house and are anecdotal. Primarily we use comprehensive statistical data gathered from our clients undergoing treatment, which is based on a subjective assessment system to measure improvement in emotional well-being. We use information from our clinical notes. We sometimes use feedback from our clients in the form or public reviews and private statements. Our treatment method is alternative and unique, not based on anything relating to conventional medical practice, and it was not developed in a laboratory. To put it simply – we work off the fact that our clients tell us how improved they feel.

Potential conflicts: This treatment can generate substantial change in a client’s self-confidence and emotional well-being. Usually this strengthens work performance and relationships, however in the case of emotionally toxic work environments or relationships a significant increase in well-being and self-confidence can cause conflict.

Potential negative effects: Side effects are not common but can occur. They include headaches, strange thoughts and dreams, feelings of grogginess (often described as feeling drunk), and numb feelings. They usually last a maximum of two days and are usually associated with a very strong positive response overall. Aggravating panic attacks is a risk with attend treatments but has not been a problem with phone treatments. Very occasionally clients report feeling worse after receiving treatment. Clients who elect to undergo “deep treatment” may experience various effects that are explained prior to undergoing that treatment path.

Waiver: You agree that Mind Relaxation Australia and our team shall have no legal liability for any treatments, side effects, advice, site content, accident, injury or any other form of legal liability and clients waive their right to such. Client’s agree to attend appointments at their own risk.

Client reviews: Clients may only review this business after they have received at least one treatment. We require reviews to be honest and in the client’s own words. We do not make use of actors and no payments or rewards are offered for reviews. Some surnames and likenesses have been modified on the request of the client to protect their identity.

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