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We aim to deliver substantial improvements in your emotional well-being, anywhere in Australia, using our independent, natural and alternative mind relaxation methods. Our treatment can be successful even with clients who have life long problems and have been unable to get results from other treatment. As a result of improved well-being and relaxation of the mind, we have observed strong improvement with these concerns.

The first step is to try our treatment and see what it does. The trial treatment is done over the phone and takes 1 hour. At the end of the trial treatment you decide if you feel significantly improved or not. We expect you to pay for the treatment if you feel immediate significant improvement, and it is free of charge if you do not.

Our pricing is very competitive, we offer discounts if needed and you only pay for results. Current rate for a trial is $100 / $70 discount / free if ineffective. We are open to negotiation if pricing is genuinely un-affordable.

We follow-up the trial 1 week later with a free follow-up consultation. There we assess how much improvement you have retained over 7 days and compare your response with other clients and their outcomes. We discuss what you wish to achieve and tailor a plan to your specific needs, finances and situation.

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Our consultant may contact you to answer any questions and assist with the process. Or you can book yourself in now if you prefer.

Reserve your first appointment time for a trial treatment online:

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Also please read through treatment terms and conditions and how to set up for a phone treatment.


Sometimes we require a deposit on trial treatments to secure your appointment. The deposit is refundable if your treatment is ineffective. Our consultant will contact you and provide details if necessary.

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