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Do you want an alternative natural treatment that actually delivers strong improvement in your emotional well-being?

Let’s find out if this works for you.


Our treatment can be effective even with lifelong concerns, without using medication or digging into your past. It can be effective even when other treatments have failed.

Our treatment relies on potent chi (Qi) energy methods to relax your mind and help undermine concerns. Although we use many other methods, the chi component must work or the treatment process will be ineffective. Chi comes from traditional Chinese medicine, and is used by a variety of alternative healing modalities such as reiki and traditional acupuncture. Chi is not a medicine, herb or device; it is an “energy flow” through the body which a skilled practitioner can use to apply a totally non-invasive treatment. See the Frequently Asked Questions for details on intuitive Chi energy methods.

Chi has traditionally been used to assist with physical ailments and pain, however Mind Relaxation Australia has developed a unique and very potent method for using chi to relieve emotional concerns such as anxiety and depression. In addition our treatment is not reduced by physical distance from the practitioner so can be effectively applied over the phone or internet anywhere in the world.

The key advantages of our chi methods is that they can bypass your ego defense methods and have a strong positive effect on your subconscious mind as well as your conscious mind. Clients often report feeling better but not knowing why.

Chi is not a scientifically or clinically proven concept and we are very comfortable with you being sceptical about this or any treatment we provide. For our methods to work you must be naturally sensitive to chi and you must want to feel better. Most people are sensitive to chi but some are not. Our trial and assessment process is about proving to you that our treatment works for you. To ensure a neutral test, we only use our chi methods and some music in the trial treatment which will leave you in no doubt about the effect it has on your well-being. The trial is free in the unlikely event that it doesn’t have an immediate significant effect.

To establish further proof, we assess you again usually 7 days after the trial treatment to determine how well you have retained your improvement. Then by comparing your result with our experience and statistical data we can give you an estimate of which approach will be needed to achieve your specific needs and how likely we think we are to succeed with your case. We are all about delivering noticeable and measurable results.

Following a successful trial and assessment we can offer a range of specialised treatment types to address your concerns. Unwind treatment offers deep relaxation to relax the un-relaxable mind. Empower treatment greatly improves self-confidence. Toughen treatment builds emotional strength, resilience and toughness. Detox treatment helps break the cycle of emotional abuse, drama and conflict. Happiness treatment is about focusing on what really counts in life.

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