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Do you find it impossible to relax or meditate?

Is your mind so stressed that it’s stopped working properly?

Is it impossible to change the way you think, no matter how hard you try?

Are conventional therapies like psychology not working, even when you understand what is wrong?

Do you need medication to keep your mind functioning?

Relaxing the un-relaxable

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Like a muscle cramping up, your mind can seize up when subjected to more stress and emotional damage than you can handle. When it seizes up, your mind loses its flexibility and simply can’t change no matter how hard you try. Once you are in this state, you can’t think your way out of your emotional problems.

Our unwind treatment is a deeply relaxing energy and brainwave entrainment treatment that acts like a deep tissue massage for your mind. All you need to do is lie back comfortably at home and enjoy while all your mental stress and emotional tension unwinds. Most clients feel completely different by the end, with any feelings of anxiety, depression or other concerns substantially reduced. This relaxation can help undermine the effects of emotional damage.

This unwinding of the mind then opens the opportunity for you to break out of the destructive thought patterns that are dragging you down.

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For some clients the unwind treatment is all that is required to deliver strong results, however many require a combination of other treatment types to support their progress.

This treatment is a combination of relaxing intuitive healing methods, music and brainwave entrainment that releases stress and tension, undermines emotional damage, and builds mental flexibility.

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