Detox treatment

Do you have problems with being emotionally abused or bullied?

Do you have problems with others deliberately making your life hard?

Do some people make you feel bad about yourself?

Do you tend to get caught up in dramas?

Break the cycle of emotional abuse, drama and conflict.

marriage-fighting-husband-angryEmotionally toxic behavior is the number one cause of the emotional problems amongst our clients, regardless of whether it is other people or the client themselves doing it.

Detox treatment is all about being able to identify and deal with emotionally toxic attitudes in yourself and other people. Our approach is that abuse, bullying and manipulation are not acceptable. We aim to reduce your tolerance for being mistreated and increase your assertiveness. We also aim to reduce your own emotionally toxic attitudes that can draw you into situations and lead to others being mistreated by you. It’s about breaking out of the cycle of emotional abuse, drama and conflict.

BullyDetox requires you to be willing to take a hard look at the reality of who you are and who other people are. We do not discuss other people and your circumstances as part of this treatment, instead it is your attitude towards these issues that we deal with. You will need to embrace the principles of always being truthful, fair in your dealings and be above petty dramas.

Detox treatment has the potential to create radical changes in your life, and if you are dealing with abusers things can get worse before they get better. Unfortunately the real world is not a bed of roses and abusers won’t magically change into nice people. If you choose to undergo this treatment you must understand and agree to accept this.

This treatment generally takes 4 appointments to complete. It has been completely life changing for many clients.

This treatment is a combination of chi methods and verbal interaction that breaks destructive thought patterns and builds ethics, assertiveness and intolerance for being mistreated.

Abusive or toxic relationships

In general our treatment strengthens relationships by changing you into a more confident, self-accepting and happy partner. By reducing your own emotional toxicity and ability to deal with it you can reduce domestic conflict.

Verbal AbuseHowever if you have a seriously toxic or abusive relationship where your abusive partner is unwilling to change, our treatment could potentially motivate you to end that relationship. Abusive partners can become worse after breakup and we have seen various tactics used against abuse victims. Things we have seen include the targeting of family relationships, parental alienation, false complaints made to government agencies and police, being dragged through family court, and ridiculous child support assessments. Unfortunately lies and misinformation sometimes get acted on, thereby empowering the abuser and devastating the abuse victim. Be aware that from what we have observed, leaving an abusive partner can be just as dangerous for your emotional well-being as staying with them. It is a high suicide risk period. In particular if you pay child support your risk of suicide is estimated to double (29 suicides per week according to one estimate we read). We have also observed that family court action always has an extremely strong negative impact. We’ve never had clients report direct acts of physical violence from abusers after separation but that is also a likely risk. The bottom line is that escaping abuse is not easy, particularly if there are children involved and you must take steps to protect your emotional well-being and safety.

A book that often gets recommended on this topic is Say Goodbye to Crazy: How to Get Rid of His Crazy Ex and Restore Sanity to Your Life by Tara Palmatier, Paul Elam You can buy it on amazon for about $12.

Serious abuse

If you are being subjected to serious emotional or physical abuse we strongly recommend you:
1. Call the police if you have concerns for your safety.
2. See your GP and organise a mental health plan.
3. Seek legal advice.
4. Use Detox to help relieve emotional concerns, improve your ability to deal with abusive people and break the cycle of abuse, drama and conflict.

Be aware that in our experience abusers will sometimes attempt to prevent you seeking treatment, especially if they are aware that it will reduce your tolerance for being abused.

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