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To: Your Medical Practitioner or any other Health Practitioner
Re: Receiving services from Mind Relaxation Australia

We recommend that our clients inform their medical practitioner about receiving our services (if required), that they discuss any serious emotional problems we identify with their medical practitioner (if required), and that any other practitioners are informed about receiving our service. This document provides a summary of our service for your consideration.

Mind Relaxation Australia is intended as an alternative and complimentary health service to help improve the emotional well-being of clients using unique non-medical methods. It may be a suitable alternative to try for patients who:

1. Are unable to get results with conventional treatments;
2. May benefit from a complimentary therapy to assist existing treatment;
3. Prefer alternative therapies;
4. Are unwilling to use psycho-therapeutic medications or remedies;
5. Do not wish to discuss their past; or
6. Are spiritually inclined.

Potential benefits: Our clients have reported numerous subjective benefits from undergoing mind relaxation. These include significant reductions in feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and many destructive thought patterns. We have often had clients report significant benefits from our service when many other approaches have failed to be of any significant help.

No benefit: Our clients do not report improvement from mind relaxation with any type of phobias.

Potential negative effects: This is primarily an energy healing service conducted over the phone so the risk factor is very low. The most common negative effect is our service not having any effect. Reported side effects are not common but can occur. They include headaches, strange thoughts and dreams, feelings of grogginess (often described as feeling drunk), and numb feelings. They usually last a maximum of two days and are usually associated with a very strong positive response overall. Aggravating panic attacks was a risk with attending physical appointments but has not been a problem with our current phone service. Very occasionally clients report feeling worse after receiving our service. Clients who elect to undergo “deep treatment” may experience various effects that are explained prior to undergoing that path.

Financial impact: Our service is not covered by medicare or private health insurance. We do our best to ensure clients receive value for money. We use a “try it and find out what it does” approach. Clients are not required to pay for their first appointment unless they feel immediate significant improvement. We have an assessment process to determine the likelihood of achieving improvement with clients. If we have reason to believe our service is unlikely to benefit clients we advise them as such. We also offer discounts and are open to negotiation if our service is genuinely not affordable.

Suitability and qualifications: This service is not a medical practice and our practitioner(s) are talented intuitive energy healers who are tested and certified informally by Mind Relaxation Australia. Our practitioner(s) are not qualified medical professionals. As such this service is suitable for use as a non-medical complementary service to help improve emotional well-being. It is not suitable for emergency intervention, medical diagnosis, medical advice or medical treatment. We always recommend that our clients follow qualified medical advice over any recommendations we make.

Interactions of mind relaxation with medication and other treatments: We have not observed any adverse reactions relating directly to medication and other treatments. We believe mind relaxation is suitable for use as a complimentary therapy alongside other treatments.

Weaning off psycho-therapeutic medications: When clients have experienced significant and lasting improvement in their emotional well-being, we have had many of them successfully wean off psycho-therapeutic medications. Clients must consistently report to us that they feel good and their specific concerns are mild or less for at least 2 weeks before we would ask them to consider this process. This is the process and recommendations we use:

• Only go ahead with the weaning process when you feel ready to do so regardless of our recommendation. Some clients have gone ahead immediately while others have held off for long periods of time. Either way, our success rate with this phase very high.
• When you feel ready, make an appointment with your medical practitioner and discuss weaning off psycho-therapeutic medication. Any reductions in psycho-therapeutic medications should only be done in consultation with your medical practitioner.
• Your medical practitioner’s advice must always be taken over our advice.
• Ensure you only reduce your medication dose 3 days prior to a mind relaxation appointment unless advised otherwise by us. For example if your appointment is on Monday then reduce your dose on the previous Friday. In our experience this is the most effective way to reduce your dose without crashing. Do not reduce your medication dose at any other time or your risk of crashing will be very high.
• Do not reduce your medication dose if you are deteriorating or feel bad. Doing so will increase your risk of crashing and make it difficult for us to work on you.
• Do not cease your medication! In our experience, ceasing medication is a mistake and will likely cause you significant distress (with the exception of very mild doses).
• Be aware most clients successfully wean but occasionally there are clients who must remain on meds after weaning attempts are unsuccessful.

Further information: This site contains more information on our service, process, results and basis for our claims. Feel free to contact Alex Foreman on 0426 203 273 if you have any questions or suggestions.

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