Tips for appointments

Tips for appointments

What to bring: If you have them, please bring your high quality 3.5mm stereo earphones. Our brainwave entrainment involves playing rhythmic sounds to help induce a deep relaxed state. We can provide earphones but for hygiene purposes, you may prefer to use your own.

What to tell us: If you feel emotional tension in a specific part of your body, such as head, chest, arms etc… please let us know so we can relieve those areas. Body temperature can drop with deep relaxation so if you start feeling uncomfortably cold let us know.

What to do: It is important to choose to relax and let go. The treatment will often bring up all kinds of thoughts in your mind. Just go with it and allow the emotional tension around those thoughts to dissipate. If you mentally resist treatment then you will get less of a result. Please walk in ready and open to release.

Trial treatment: Your first appointment is a trial session to assess the effectiveness of our methods for you. We only ask for payment if you experience immediate significant improvement and are also 100% satisfied with the service (any deposit refundable). We also require a confirmation that you will be attending your first appointment or another client may be given your reserved time. This can be done by SMS, Email or phone.

What to expect: Sometimes during the treatment you may drift into a deep meditative state. You may also feel occasional mild itching around the face, see colours or visions, and feel various sensations such as floating, tingling, heat or cold. We suggest you read other client’s reviews for more information.



Address and parking: Level 1, Suite 3, 108 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction. Closest cross streets are Porter Street and Birrell Street. Free street parking is available in most side streets. It is also walking distance to train and buses. Please be punctual for appointments as we often have clients before and after your reserved time.

Open hours:

By appointment only

Practitioner rates:
$20 – Deposit to secure Trial treatment (refundable if ineffective)
$120 – Balance payable on successful Trial (free if ineffective)

$140 – Treatment hourly rate

$50 – No show fee
$100 – Full treatment plan deposit
$35 – Consultation fee

*Health care rebates not yet available

Changing your appointment: Please give us 48 hours notice that you can’t attend your reserved appointment time if possible. This will give us time to offer that appointment to other clients. Short notice cancellations are often hard to fill and other people who need this service miss out. A short notice and no-show cancellation fee applies.

Securing your appointment: Any trial, casual or treatment plan appointment that is more than 7 days away and not secured with a deposit may be cancelled and reserve by a priority client. We strongly recommend securing your appointment with a deposit if you have not already done so.

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